BHRS has prepared for you a series of trainings that can help you find a job, develop your career or improve your business. Our education programs are providing practical knowledge and techniques that strengthen professional capacities, especially in the field of people management and entrepreneurship.

We offer open trainings and in-house trainings prepared for the individual companies (tailor made). The advantage of in-house trainings is that they adapt to your organization, and we are working on examples from your practice and speak about activity of your company, which significantly facilitates the understanding of the topic by the participants.

We offer training in the following areas:

In addition to these trainings BHRS offers BECOMING MANAGER training program..
This program is created for individuals who are for the first time in the role of managers, as well as for those who following their career plans should soon take the managerial position in their companies.

BECOMING MANAGER program is specifically based on the skills and knowledge that every manager should have: organization management, personnel management, financial management, planning and priorities management – it is a combination of several different trainings.

If you are interested in any of the training programs we are offering, you can contact us via e-mail address .