HR partnership

A quality HR partner - key to your success!

Oh yes, it is indeed so. Everything they told you about HR as a successor to the personnel function responsible only for administration and employee files – forget about it, let the historians deal with the past and focus on your future!

Competition in the market is growing every day, and employees are becoming the most valuable source of competitive advantage in many industries. Successful leaders realize that having skilled and motivated workforce is only way to win the competition. And this is where the HR comes to the sceene - a function that has a primary focus on hiring, developing and retaining employees - Human Resources.

HR is the business ingredient that increases the performance and potential of the organization. It designs processes in an organization and helps managers to lead their teams, developing them to be brave and capable leaders.

As a reliable business partner, we are here to support:

- DEVELOPMENT – - onboarding, training and coaching, leadership skills, career management.

- MOTIVATION AND RETENTION OF TALENTS – motivation methods and methods for retaining key talents.

- PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT AND REWARD & RECOGNITION SYSTEMS – performance measurement, evaluation of employees, rewarding achievements, bonus schemes.


- TEAM MANAGEMENT AND LEADING PROJECTS – assembling teams, managing teams, team building, project management

- ADMINISTRATION – employment contracts, legal compliance, internal documents (policies, rules, procedures), records of employees and employee files

For us Human resources management is not just a business function!